What if there was a publication designed and powered by people that live in your county and for your county?

Now there is, it’s called, “The Countyist” and being local is what we’re all about.

Ozaukee Magazine, or “OZ Magazine ” now lives online at countyist.com. With over 11,000 earned social media fans and the greatest, fastest, most informative site around offer visitors the experience they are looking for in an online magazine.

Food, drink, art, music, local events… Ozaukee magazine has you covered and we’re always open to covering new things too, > drop us a line! <


OZ Magazine was first started in 2010 as a small site promoting local people and culture. It has since grown into a regional publication that serves up to 40,000 people a month. In a county of 86,000 – that’s just about half.

We’re a young, modern, educated and thoughtful group of people that love where we live, work and play.

We like to make wonderful things and help people. Have fun with us – log in and follow us today :)

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Here’s last year’s > media kit which still has the old site’s look and feel. New one coming in 2016!